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i'm insane either way, brainiac

i am on the mend; at least now i can say that i am trying

everybody lives
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Cis white chubby queer middle-class twentysomething neuroatypical hipster communist(ish) Christian chick (tract).

I ♥ you.

I maintain endless comms, all in hushed secrecy. (Although you can ask.)
adam/steve/eve/lilith, agape, aslan, awful girl/uninterested dude, being inside in storms, c.s. lewis, cold weather, critical analysis for beginners, dilapidated houses, eros/orual, eros/orual/anteros, god is love, god's unconditional love, god-is-what-makes-heaven-heaven, heaven, hope, judas iscariot, kissed-a-guilty-world-in-love, love/hate, mark jesus-says-give-more-blow-jobs driscoll, martha of bethany, mary magdalene, nomi/neets, not hating people, nuns in love, old houses, overextending metaphors, pearl of great price, people calling each other love, psyche&orual&redival, redival, susan&aslan-being-complicated-&-unconditional, the prodigal son, the-love-that-goes-beyond-death, the-relationship-between-lucifer-&-jesus, till we have faces, universalism